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Bank connectivity

MetaCase is your partner for bank connectivity. We provide the solutions necessary for your company to communicate with any financial institution, either through a Host-to-host connection (HTTPS, SFTP, FTPS, FTP), EBICS Protocol, local networks, bank networks (swift), aggregator banks, proprietary solutions or any other type of solution or protocol which meets the different requirements and specificities of the banks and/or countries.

MetaCase provides all services that bank entities have available such as bank statements, payment transactions, collections, market information, etc.

MetaCase offers two possible options for connecting companies to banks.

Comunicações Bancárias

Outsourcing for bank connectivity

In this option MetaCase ensures:

  • The housing and management of all the hardware and software infrastructure for bank connectivity (including protocols, certifies, etc).
  • The monitorization and control of all bank connections, contact with bank institutions for resolution of possible problems and report to the client.

MetaCase’s solutions allow receiving any kind of formats. Currently the following type of formats are already available: Swift MT940, N43 Spain, CNAB240 Brazil, BAI2 USA, ISO20022, AFB (French and Portuguese) and local and proprietary formats.

Our offer also includes new services with bank entities and other financial suppliers such as non-bank statements: UNICRE, Mastercard, AMEX, Privet Label, Euroticket, Debit Card (Visa Db), Credit Card (Visa Cr, MC Cr).

In house solution

In this option MetaCase only provides a connectivity solution which is installed in the infrastructures of the client. The client is responsible for managing the infrastructure and monitoring the bank connections.

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