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Target One Platform

Target One Platform was developed by MetaCase to allow companies and groups to achieve an effective, rigorous and optimized management of financial flows.

In between many other advantages we highlight the following:

  • Decision making in useful time and based on reliable information
  • Global integrated connectivity with the ERPs or other systems and with financial institutions to receive and send information in a safe and simple way
  • Safety and Audit (Sox Compliance) –information audit, records of all modifications, access control, single sigh on, etc.
  • Flexibility to integrate in standard new features required to meet the necessities of companies and groups as well as of market evolution

Target One Platform is made up of a set of highly specialized Components which interact among each other in order to optimize different processes.

Bank statements management

This Component ensures that bank statements of all banks and financial institutions are storage and able to be consulted at any time. It also allows normalizing the information to an internal code and a corporate “language”.

Bank Reconciliations

Allows automatic bank reconciliation tasks in a rigorous and safe way, increasing productivity and quality of the information available.

Global Management of Payments

Flexibility and agility in creating and modifying payment batches such as schedule payments, balance offset, change accounts, banks, etc simulating its impact in your treasury before making the decision. Other features include web approval of payments (using a tablet or a smart phone), automatic regularization of paid documents, etc. Also security as there are no physical files circulating your network. Payment approval is done over a data base (instead of files).

Account booking

Automatic posting rule classification and booking of all financial flows in your ERP.

Collections and Receipts Management

Management of all collections process with real time visibility of the impact on your company’s treasury and automatic regularization of paid documents. Other features include collector’s agenda, pre payments management, regularization of client’s documents though balance offset and history track of all interactions with the clients.

Cashier Control and Conference

This Component controls the POS System closure records confronting its entries with bank statements, TPV systems, cash-in-transit companies or deposit machines.

Central bank Reporting - Eurosystem

Centralizes, gathers and prepares all the information of economic and financial external operations and end of the month positions regarding your companies’ activities, in order to prepare mandatory reports to central banks.

Cash Management and Forecasting

Cash position and forecast control and visibility with daily deviation monitoring, cash position closure in order to support and justify decision making. Assures the definition of dynamic cash flow forecasting models customized according to the client business model.

Cash Budget

Allows setting up the Cash Budget based on the Economic Budget, as well as the analysis and deviation computing considering real data and scenario simulation.

Treasury Management: Debt, Investment, Derivates and InterCompany

Ensures a complete financial contract management, from its negotiation/contract celebration to its maturity, automatically booking account entries of end of month operations and automatic cash flow update, reflecting in real time cash forecasts. More than 70 types of instruments are available and diversified reporting.

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