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EBICS: ready for SEPA!


The Eletronic Banking Internet Communication Standard - EBICS is a transmission protocol for banking information in Germany. This protocol was developed in 1990’s to replace existing applications for the exchange of payment transaction data files that were not suitable for internet use. In February 2010 a common eBICS standard –version 2.4.2 for Germany and France was published. In France since September 2011, EBICS has replaced the Èchanges Télématiques Banque- Clients – ETEBAC.

ETEBAC was not compatible with SEPA but was the most common method of bank connectivity used by corporations in France. EBICS was designed to be compatible with SEPA payment transfers.

With the SEPA deadline approaching it is important to know where your company stands and what to count ahead…

MetaCase is partner of PPI Ag, the German Company which participated in the development of the EBICS standard. Do not hesitate to contact us regarding SEPA or EBICS.