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Company Profile


Relax, We are the Best

MetaCase is a leading consulting company specialized in analyzing financial processes and flows within multinationals.

We deliver extensive knowledge, experience and innovation through a powerful technology Platform (Target One) which enables our customers to achieve more value, improve performance and gain agility in response and decision making, thus obtainning a competitive advantage.

We start by identifing Red Flags -flaws and weaknesses that the client's financial processes may have, we then normalize and simplify them providing a centralized model of action for the whole group.

A specialized Financial ERP was developed and designed to guarantee security, evolution and response to the organizations needs, especially in areas of continuous change such as Financial Operations, Cash Flow Forecast, Liquidity and Tableau de Board. It also allows a centralized worldwide back office and a global vision of all the financial flows in real time.

MetaCase was founded by a core group of expert consultants that through the course of over 30 years in international markets and different sectors of activities assembled an unparallel know how and expertise.

With 15 years of existence, MetaCase is already a reference and contains a client’s portfolio of Groups and Banks of international recognition and impact, which may be consulted in the client’s area.