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ABOUT METACASE Main Differentiation Points

Main Differentiation Points


All the expertise and experience gain over the years have allowed MetaCase’s founders to introduce a series of innovations in different domains, from which we stand out:

  • Introducing a new approach for the study and analysis of various financial flows within a Group or Company;
  • Creation and development of Target One - An Evolutionary Financial Flows Management Platform based on a single database;
  • Developing a wide range of powerful and engaging functionalities, that optimize the financial chain within the Platform Target One;
  • Launching innovative Services in the Multi-Channel Communication area.



Our Target One Platform has a set of components highly specialized which integrate amongst each other for the production of results, with the Financial Institutions and if so with company's Financial ERP’s.

The advanced technology we use includes an architecture based on a single data base. The goal is to give our clients a competitive advantage allowing them to increase productivity and reduce operational risks allowing them to perform the best financial management possible.

Several advantages come from a centralize model of managing financial flows: increase in the level of management control, reduction of cost of operations and human resources, increase in risk management, etc...



Our Approach...

Long and proved experience in Consulting Processes and Financial Flows

  • Gathering of information, analysis and design of a model to normalize simplify and optimize all processes and financial flows.
  • Creation of a model of treasury position and treasury short and long term prevision (cash flow forecast and liquidity planning).

Component to apply: Platform Target One

Conception and Functionality

Created, developed and conceive based on our Consulting team’s long experience of using, implementing and studding several other solutions in different markets.

  • Based on this knowledge, several functionalities were created to support the operational activities and others  to achieve business information;
  • We emphasized the introduction of functionalities which respond to the practical needs of our clients operations, some based in their inputs during ongoing projects. Comparing with other existent solutions in the market, we excluded several functionalities that did not bring any value to the client (similar to acquire a whole library when only using 15% of the books); or because they were too out of date (some were created 20 years ago for a reality of back then).  



  • Ability to respond in useful time to the specific needs of the financial markets and our client’s activities;
  • Autonomy and response ability to alongside with our clients (using the high expertise of MetaCase’s consulting team) make all the conception, the development and implementation of the specificities, guaranteeing their integration in the Platform Target One standard.
  • Creation of maximum added value to Groups and Companies through establishing a long term partnership where it exists a close and permanent accompaniment of the evolution needs in areas with extreme change (e.g. cash flow forecast, financial operations).


ASP and BPO of Multi Bank Communications

The use of the ASP infra structure of Multi Bank Communications HUB and the respective BPO Service (Business Process Outsourcing) given by MetaCase, presents the following advantages when compared with the option of direct communication with bank entities:

Infrastructure (Hardware and Base Software): there is no need to use a delicate infrastructure with investment costs;

Maintenance of the Infrastructure (Hardware and Base Software): no need to allocate internal resources from the IT area of the Group or Company to resolve technical problems of software, hardware or communications;

Functional Maintenance: no need to allocate internal resources from the financial area of the Group or Company to jobs that are not the core of their activities such as problem solving, for example, non recovery of bank statements which included the control and monitoring of bank connections, the contact with bank entities for solving problems found with the increased difficulty of the account manager not accessing directly to the area of information systems of the bank where the infrastructure of the multibank communication channel is installed.

Security: non existence of physical files within the network of the Group or Company: the Web Services technology usage allows through the automatic display of messages, an audit trail and a permanent monitor of all the phases of the process, from the bank entity to the system origin of Groups or Companies and vice versa.


Solutions and Services

The high expertise allowed MetaCase to launch innovational Solutions and Services such as:

  • -Outsourcing for managing and maintaining Infra Structures of Multi Bank Communication
  • A Multi Bank Component for Managing Bank Statements
  • Component to classify and automatically account Bank Flows
  • Direct Debits Component integrated in the Multi Bank Platform
  • Financial Business Intelligence (Financial Tableau de Board)