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ABOUT METACASE Management Team

Management Team

MetaCase was founded by a core group of expert consultants that through the course of 20 years in international markets and different sectors of activities assembled an unparallel know how and expertise.

Through the course of these 20 years several domains in the financial flows area have been analyzed, studied and developed, which include among others:

  •  Process analysis, study and definition;
  •  Different financial flows study - Estudo d processos financeiros, Criação de BBP e definição d modelos d cash flow ;
  •  Communication and security architectures;
  •  Automatic integration with companies and financial institution´s systems;
  •  Financial software implementation;
  •  Management of international software distribution networks.

MetaCase´s expert consultant’s team was responsible for:

  • The strategy and definition of the process that lead to the Multi-Channel Banking solution;
  • The implementation of Multi-Banking Services Software Architectures in companies and financial institutions;
  • Forming and certifying cash management specialists in Spain, Portugal, Brazil and Latin America (Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and Venezuela).
  • Over 300 projects implemented


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