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BPO (Business Process Outsourcing)

MetaCase’s outsourcing service allows reaching excellence in results of your company through releasing resources, enabling their allocation and focus in other critical areas of the organization.

Advantages in using MetaCase’s Outsourcing Services:

  • Reduction of operational costs
  • Fastening of the innovation process of the Organization
  • Objectives planning
  • Production control
  • Reduction of operational risks

Organizations recognize that flexibility and agility in actions all together with a great capacity of reaction are essential conditions for survival in a continuous evolving market. The organizations are in constant change and restructuration in the way to increase their competitively in a market of growing uncertainty.

For a growing number of Organizations, resorting to Outsourcing of their peripheral activities – Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) – to services suppliers outside of the Company represents an alternative and extremely effective solution.

The resort to Outsourcing in activities not so central to the core business of the Company allows releasing resources being them time in management, money, people or equipments allowing these to be allocated and focused into the critical activities of the Organization.

MetaCases Business Process Outsourcing allows the access to specialized technologies, nonexistent within the organization, accelerating the process of innovation of the Company, a constant improvement in the service levels, reduction of costs and transformation of fixed costs into variable costs.

Outsourcing Services for Managing and Maintaining Multi-Bank Communication Infrastructures

After a long experience of 14 years in the area of new technologies, MetaCase launched an innovating service to which several Groups and Companies immediately joined.

This service consists in Outsourcing all the multi bank communication to MetaCase allowing the organizations recovering and/or sending information automatically to the different bank entities which they work with, given that the financial information provided through this service is standard as to the format of files and inter bank codes.

  • Automatic recovery/ sending of files –T Bank Statements and T Payments and Receipts
  • Audit and data security
    • Avoids financial information tampering;
    • Eliminate manual processes of upload and download financial information through systems of internet banking
    • Ensure the end to end secure between the ERP’s / Specialized Systems and the bank entities in their different phases (sending and return);
    • Follow and track all the process since the creation of the orders, its sending and processing as well as the return and its integration in the systems of origin;
    • SOX Compliance –reinforcement of the system of internal control and audit;
  • Control and Monotoring
    • Monitoring of bank connections
    • Contact with the bank entities for resolution of possible problems
    • Automatic warning by email to the users about detected problems, resolution timings (in the service of bank statements, predicted hour, disposing of files missing, new registry information, etc