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Consulting Services

MetaCase’s method consists in first approach in a processes consulting to gather, analyze and define new processes so these can then be normalized, simplified and optimized. This work allows creating bases for the construction of a shared services center within Groups with the centralization and optimization processes.

This phase is part of a very important new methodology developed by MetaCase. It’s in this phase that the best model for the management and optimization for the entire Group or Company’s flows will be contemplated. This is a key piece in implementing new solutions, processes, and procedures normally embodied in the Global Platform- Financial ERP – Target One implementation. Target One will allow a Global and Interactive Vision in Managing and Optimizing all the Processes and Financial Flows. 

The consulting phase includes the following points:

  • Gather and Analysis of the current Model and processes;  
  • Identification of the Current Processes length;
  • Identification of constrains and points to be improved;
  • Proposal of Future Model and Process, the Way to implement it, Results to be Expected, Advantages and Estimation of the future process’ length.

Beyond this point our methodology includes a consulting phase of analyzing directive processes, in order to obtain a viable and precise position, prevision and treasury budget (short and long term financial flows) for the Group or Company. This phase includes defining the conceptual model adequate for putting together the “pieces” which make up the Cash Flow Forecast, so that it is implemented a model close to the Group or Company’s reality.

The flows consulting phase also includes the analysis for defining processes and models of Cash Pooling. This point may also be completed with the implementation of a model of in-house banking, which means, a model of inter-company current account, where the account will have different origins: treasury operations, cash pooling, in group billing, and also the reflex of the payments and/or receipts centralized by account of other companies of the Group (Payment and Collection Factories).  

The products and gains of this proposed methodology are amongst other:

  • Normalization, Simplification, Convergence and Optimization of processes and financial flows
  • Creation of synergies for homogenization in procedures
  • Performance Gains by adopting best practices in the market
  • Reduction of operational costs
  • Consolidated and Centralized vision of the financial flows of all the companies of the Group in a Single Technological Platform, allowing the analysis, simulation and decision making based on real time visibility of the financial flows in a national and international level.
  • Creation of bases for centralizing the functional of operational management of treasury in a single geography (shared services center), enhancing the optimization of human resources
  • Easy mobility processes between companies of the group by the usage of a unique platform with the same operating manual
  • Increase in security, traceability and audit of processes and operations
  • Compliance with internal control and with the market