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Cash Flow Forecast Models

Cash Flow Forecast is currently a central theme within administrations and financial departments of all groups and companies.

If even in the past, when markets were facing a time of economical growth the subject was relevant, nowadays with the current economical crisis Cash Flow Forecasting is, now more than ever, of most importance. 

Groups and companies are under enormous pressure, facing difficulties such as obtaining credit, lack of investment and access to liquidity. For all these reasons it is imperative to have absolute control over the financial flows, a precise and trustworthy short and medium term prevision, an efficient management of the working capital, a real time control of the conditions, the limits, and the contracts available and the financial lines.  

MetaCases partnership with groups and companies and our long experience allowed us to verify that the groups and companies only have access to a day to day visibility and not a short or medium term Cash Flow Forecast as they should. To complete this great deficiency they use simultaneous Excel sheets. The result is an enormous amount of manual effort, high risk of error and great delay in delivering the information to the decision makers.  


This situation is the result of the following factors:

  1. Implementing treasury products of a previous generation developed when the main concern at the time was value -date management. The objective was gaining a treasury position of value date of d and d+1, for a daily treasury position.
  2. Installing components without a previous study and consulting work, including the phase of designing the  cash flow forecast model which should be based on understanding the client’s business and the main variables which influence how the financial flows are predicted and related.   
  3. Implementing standard interfaces with the ERP’s where the information received and placed on the products became data of no added value, since the prevision was different from reality.  

For gaining these results, or in other words to obtain a precise and trustworthy visibility of your treasury’s Position, Prevision and Budget (for short and medium term financial flows) it’s necessary to gather and analyze all the processes so that a conceptual model may be defined, as close as possible to the Group/Company’s reality (which changes between sectors of business). All of this work happens during the analysis of Processes and Financial Flows phase!

Obviously this model must be applied through the use of a software component. For this end MetaCase developed the component of the Platform Target One: T Cash Flow Forecast. Its use is extremely flexible, all the variables and rules initially set can and should be modified in the future in regards to the behavior of the flows and changes in the business conditions.