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In this channel of Multibank Communication, the elements which integrate MetaCase were responsible for:

  • All of the strategy and execution that allowed the Bank Normalization – which is already considered an international case study.
  • All the architectures initially installed in the Banks which made available several multibank services [e.g. Bank statements, Exchange Rates, PS2 (Salaries, Suppliers and Transfers between accounts), Check Letter, Confirming, International Transfers (Swift MT 101), SEPA CT, Direct Debits, Home Billing, Factoring, Check Deposits, SEPA DD]
  • All the Conception, Development and Implementation of these multibank services in groups and companies by the creation of a single transactional channel - automatic, highly secure, and end to end between Groups, Companies and Banks.
  • by the introduction of the EBICS Protocol in Portugal

The EBICS Protocol has been used since January 2008 by Institutions and Groups/Companies in Central Europe. EBICS was first developed and implemented in Germany and later adopted as the only standard for communications between Banks and Companies in the biggest European economies: both Germany and France (replacing the previous Etebac protocol in this country). EBICS is also currently being expanded into other European countries (e.g. Switzerland and Austria, …). For all this it is correct to assume a short term total convergence and normalization within the European space to SEPA formats and EBICS protocols.

MetaCase is already partner of the German company PPI AG which participated in the development of the EBICS Protocol.