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target one

MetaCase has developed Target One – a powerful Financial Flows Management Platform that delivers a single version of the financial flows reality throughout a company or group.

All the financial data required for the accurate analysis, simulation and decision making related to the financial flows management is gathered in one single data base. Data unification is made possible by a Platform that supports an open architecture to facilitate the free flow of synchronized data between people, departments and companies.

Interoperability and Synchronization

The financial flows environment requires an interaction with several different and separate systems. Target One is embedded in a technology that allows a total interactivity with those different systems, delivering a global data synchronization thus improving the analysis and accuracy throughout the entire financial chain.

Target One was developed aiming several key features:

  • Single Data Base
  • Interoperability
  • Performance
  • Scalability
  • Security and Compliance 
  • Evolutionary Components
  • Technology

Target One Financial Flows Management Platform was developed with a technology that works with existing data silos, enabling to retrieve and share financial data through the entire processes.

Nowadays, with an increasing demand on business transactions, government regulations (SOX Compliance) and global market needs, companies require financial flows data unification in one single data base, instead of proliferating in several independent systems (spread sheets and others).

Security and Audit Trail

Target One Platform provides the highest security standards for each single user or user group, enabling the possibility of restricted access according to user’s profile.

There is also an audit trail that allows an analysis and detailed report of each user’s action, since each action is registered in Target One´s single data base.

Throughout Target One Platform and it´s components there is a non matched financial data security, given that the financial flows cannot be manipulated or changed in any way, ensuring the highest compliance with government regulations, such as Sarbanes Oxleys´s Act.