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Metacase consulting services focus on problematics and models which come from global management of financial flows.

Treasury Blueprint

Treasury blueprint is a study of great importance of the financial processes within Groups and Companies. In this paper MetaCase analyses and defines the most adequate model for optimizing management and processes to be applied when implementing a Financial Management Platform.

This methodology developed by MetaCase begins with collecting, analyzing and identifying red flags (points to be improved) and then defining new processes with the goal of normalizing, simplifying and optimizing them!


Other consulting papers

Given the volatility of the financial market and the problematics of CFO’s and treasurers, MetaCase’s line of consulting includes other problematics which may be addressed in the Treasury blueprint or further down the line, such as:

  • Analyzing directive processes in order to obtain a reliable and precise cash position, cash forecast and treasury budget (short and medium term financial forecast).
  • Defining amongst others Cash Flow Forecast and Cash Pooling models adapted to the client’s reality.

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